* Save up to 88% of the Total Volume and Surface Area of the Wall Bed when it is closed

* All cases below are installed in real living places, check with us for references if needed. 

1.   Maids Room turned into (a) Guest Room, or (b) Majong Room

Before (When the Folding bed is in normal position for sleeping)

The Folding Bed is now in position for normal usage in the night for sleeping and daily resting. The amount of space taken up is huge, as it is a Queen sized heavy duty Slumberland Bed.

It is also very heavy as it has 1200 springs, 2 times more than a normal bed. Notice that the legs are inclinded inwards to prevent any tripping of feet. The pillows and bolsters can be kept inside the wall bed cabinet as it has a large enough volume

After (Room being converted for entertainment after utilising space saving folding bed)

These pictures show the large amount of space and area that is available for a multitude of purposes  once the folding Bed is kept in its rest position  The ample space is now used to layout a majong session, and a few mini tables for snacks and drinks. 

This guest room could be used to accommodate any guest from far, and also simultaneously converted into an entertainment room in the day, such that it can serve 2 or more purposes. 

Do what you deem fit with the room, change it to an majong room, a dining room, a karaoke room, a board games room, and many more!

2.   A Small Guest Room that can now add TVs, cushions,
     for more cozy living

Delight your friends and relatives more. With a more comfortable and cozy Guest Room

The vertically mounted wallbed to the left is custom made, with both hidden shelves and the top cabinet installed. It also comes with an easy to manuever table top.


Let your esteemed guests have the delight of a cozier, comfortable room. Their personal belongings can now be easily placed in the hidden shelves within, and on the top cabinet above.


The light weight table top enables for easy studying, work from a laptop, ipad, or for light reading of books, magazines,etc. 

3.   Horizontal WallBed allows for placement of TVs, cushions, cabinets        in Room

Make the room spacious enough for the furniture you want

The horizontally mounted wallbed allows the owner to now place her television, and cushion properly in her bedroom. 


She did not have enough space initially in the room, and had to move around with a TV and cushion, via small and narrow passageways. It made her prone to tripping and stepping on small objects on the ground. 


Make a horizontal wallbed if you want extra free space to place your personal items at the top of the wallbed. It could be your wallet, keys, purses, phones etc. 

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