Maliland Quality and Affordable Mattresses

As one of the highly reputed and established mattress manufacturers in Singapore, Maliland's dedication to the art of mattress-making has remained steadfast for more than 20 years. "Quality Mattresses At Affordable Prices" has been, and always will be Maliland's motto, for many generations to come. Maliland beds and mattresses, and products are ergonomically designed for your health and manufactured to give maximum comfort..

We understand that some customers would prefer to save the hassle of choosing a good mattress with nice back support, at an affordable price. Thus, we have liaised with the manufacturer of a well established local mattress brand— Maliland to offer you the mattresses at incredibly low prices you will not be able to find anywhere else. This is provided you buy our wall beds, and any of Maliland Mattresses as a package.

Maliland Mattresses, have over 20 years of history, and the company has been going strong in providing good quality mattresses, with anti-dust, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial mattresses, with superb back support, at very reasonable prices.
So choose your Maliland mattress with a peace of mind— and get a good night’s sleep.

* PS: We carry all other ranges of Maliland Mattresses too, please en-quire if you require any other models. We can give you very good prices.

Pocketed Spring Luxury Firm Mattress 

Maliland Pocketed Spring Luxury Firm Mattress uses individual pocketed spring technology. This reduces disturbances when tossing and turning. Individual pocketed springs aligns very well to our body contours, providing good support at the correct places, and thus reducing high pressure points that causes aches. High density springs are used to better support any body part. This mattress is anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.

* Specials: Selling it at a very special price with almost no profit margin, that you can't get anywhere else in Singapore.

* 15 year warranty from the manufacturer

Dolphin 2 in 1 Backcare Mattress


Maliland Dolphin 2 in 1 BackCare Mattress is designed for those who require extra firm back support, and with extra comfort. The mattress is made with 2 sides, with 2 ratings of firmness. The top side is made with natural coconut fibres, for natural density fibres support (9/10 firmness). The bottom side has High Density Orthopedic Foam, which will support your back well, but less firm (8/10 firmness). Flip to suit your back support, and comfort needs without an extra mattress!

 * Specials: Selling it at a very special price with almost no profit margin, that you can't get anywhere else in Singapore.

 * 5 year warranty from the manufacturer 

Golden Back Support Mattress


Maliland Golden Back Support Mattress contains the Bonnell Spring System, with a layer of high density foam padding, plus topped off with natural coconut fiber for ideal back support. It has medium firmness of 6/10, yet provides good back support with strong springs, and natural fibres. Designed by the Mattress Masters with over 20 years experience in the field— and still going strong and well.

* Specials: Selling it at a very special price with almost no profit margin, that you can't get anywhere else in Singapore.

* 5 year warranty from the manufacturer

Extra Firm Style Bonnell Spring Mattress


Maliland Extra Firm Bonnell Mattress is compacted with strong springs, so that your weight is distributed over a large area, providing good back support. There is layers of coconut husk fibres used on both sides, to further support the back. The Dasmask Quiliting used is also anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. This is ideal for anyone who wants a comfort mattress with good back support, but not that hard.

* Specials: This will only costs you slightly higher than its cost price if you bundle it with a wall bed.

* 10 year warranty from the manufacturer

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