Direct from Europe

Elegant and Affordable European Wallbeds / Tables
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*Our European WallBeds are fully designed, manufactured, and assembled in Italy. 


Our European Wallbeds/Tables are hot off the shelves, and direct from Europe, shipped here to Singapore. So, you can be reassured of their safety, reliabilty, and ease of use.


They have a 2 year warranty and a 50,000 and above cycle test for each wallbed.

This meets the strigent European requirements for the safety specifications of the wallbeds, and also ensures that you have a good night's rest daily. 


Browse through the picture gallery above, and come visit us or call us for any queries. Thank you!

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Premier Vert-(2 seater sofa-desk)(A)

Multi-functional Wallbed * Choice of colors for laminate. * White color Metal frame * Easy to use with Strong bed springs * Sofa for the day, cosy bed in the night * Colours easily blend into your room environment for a 'night' setting * Saves you your Bed, and Sofa living space